How it works…


When a food company enrolls its brands in the



  • Each production lot of their product is tested by an accredited,TESTED CLEAN-approved lab.
  • We use gold-standard mass spectrometer testing with extraordinary sensitivity to look for contaminants like glyphosate, organophosphate, and neonicotinoid pesticides.
  • Additionally, the TESTED CLEAN team takes samples of every verified product directly from grocery stores and tests them independently.
  • Pesticide and other residue levels must be at least 99% lower than EPA maximum residue thresholds to meet the TESTED CLEAN standard.
  • Monitoring and testing-based verification by the TESTED CLEAN program help to weed out avoidable sources of contamination like accidental mixing with conventional chemically-laden foods.
  • The TESTED CLEAN seal on food packages makes it easy for customers to buy with confidence. It informs shoppers that a product is best in its class when it comes to keeping contaminants out.