Pesticide facts

If sustainability and healthy living matter to you and your family, buying organic foods may not be enough. While organic growers often commit to limiting pesticides, they can—and often do—still use certain pesticides permitted under mainstream standards, including USDA

What Are Pesticides?

Pesticides are substances used to kill, repel or control pests that interfere with plant or animal life. Herbicides (like glyphosate) target weeds, and insecticides (like neonicotinoids and chlorpyrifos) target insects. They can be made from natural or synthetic products.

Most people are exposed to pesticide residues through their diets which can negatively impact health. Agricultural pesticides are also contributing to our growing climate crisis.

Know adverse health effects

Why Are Pesticides Harmful To Your Health?

As a society, we’ve become oblivious to the toxins sprayed onto our everyday food; it’s strangely irrational behavior. Pesticides are poison, and these poisons are linked to a range of health issues.

The World Health Organization has cited Glyphosate as a probable carcinogen. Chlorpyrifos is a neurotoxin shown to interfere with neurological development and reduce childrens’ IQ. Among other pesticides, Paraquat has been linked to Parkinson’s Disease.

Right now, these toxins are not required by law to be declared on consumer packaging, even though

they may be present at levels that could have health consequences. This lack of transparency is a threat to the health of everyone.

The levels of pesticide contamination allowed by government regulators are much too high to protect consumers’ health. By choosing The Health Check certified products, you know what you are eating has been tested as safe and pesticide-free.

Current EPA Thresholds too high to protect your health?

California’s Prop 65 assessed daily glyphosate consumption and calculated a threshold to reduce cancer risk from glyphosate to 1 case in 100,000 population. At this threshold, 3300 Americans would contract glyphosate-induced cancer per year. The EPA threshold is four times higher than California’s Prop 65! Learn more about ‘safe’ levels of glyphosate and the Tested Clean threshold here.

Using California’s Prop 65 glyphosate threshold 3300 Americans contract cancer every year!

Environmental Impact

Today, our food system is highly vulnerable. Every existential issue that humanity is facing intersects with the food system, from hunger to health to human rights.

Our current agricultural system is degrading soil incredibly quickly. As a result, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that we have fewer than 60 harvests left before planet Earth will no longer be able to feed humanity.

Neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides used to kill insects, play a significant role in decimating the honeybee population in the US and Europe. These bees are our most important food pollinators. Without them, much of our food would not be available.

Protecting the environment should be one of the most critical concerns of our time. At The Health Check, we don’t gloss over the current state of the food system. Change is required. It’s our role to educate and empower consumers to choose better.

How Tested Clean makes real change

Create transparency through testing
Empower consumers to make intelligent decisions about their food
Market-demand drives change of the food system
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Creates Healthy Food
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