TESTED CLEAN is an independent, non-profit project dedicated to helping consumers and food companies avoid exposure to pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones and other contaminants in food. Through third-party monitoring, verification, and product labeling, TESTED CLEAN educates consumers and provides test-verified cleaner food.


The TESTED CLEAN seal was created by a group of food industry veterans and the Health Research Institute – an independent, non-profit laboratory and research organization. The TESTED CLEAN advisory board includes organic retail, science, and consumer representatives.

Laboratories that are approved to provide test verification of foods for the TESTED CLEAN PROGRAM are accredited to the rigorous requirements of the ISO 17025 accreditation standard for testing labs. They are also assessed by TESTED CLEAN to make sure their testing methods meet the exacting standards of the TESTED CLEAN PROGRAM.


Why is Tested Clean needed?

TESTED CLEAN complements the USDA Organic standard by independently testing foods from the farm to the grocery store, providing an extra level of protection for the consumer. Together, the Organic standard and TESTED CLEAN significantly reduce pesticides and other chemical contaminants in our food. While USDA Organic has been the best standard to date at minimizing pesticide levels in food, the program’s audit-based paper trail does not prevent all contamination. It sometimes misses high levels of pesticides in imported organic foods or caused by drift and commingling. Testing shows that about 1 in 15 organic products are contaminated with concerning levels of pesticides. TESTED CLEAN verification is a significant step to reduce contamination.

Isn’t USDA Organic already pesticide-free?

The environment does not observe property lines – rain, dust, and irrigation water can transport small amounts of pesticides to organic farms so few crops are 100% pesticide-free. USDA Organic has been the best choice to minimize pesticides in your food, to date, avoiding most larger sources of exposure. However, through the TESTED CLEAN program, we have already seen that farmers and food companies can do much better than USDA Organic requirements. With a small amount of test verification, food can be even cleaner, approaching the level of pesticide-free.

How does it work?

Please see our Product Verification page.

Will TESTED CLEAN products cost more?

TESTED CLEAN is an affordable addition to steps that organic brands already take to deliver safer products. These steps should not add noticeably to the price. In most cases, they will pay for themselves through higher sales to consumers who are seeking cleaner products.

Can Tested Clean help my business?

TESTED CLEAN communicates to consumers that a company is best in its class because it has taken extra care to avoid contamination. We think customers will show their appreciation by choosing TESTED CLEAN products.

How does my company apply?

Contact us to find out more.

How much does it cost?

Please Contact us for details as costs vary depending on the number of products enrolled.

How long does it take to get verified?

Companies that already have USDA Organic certification and also have existing test results from an accredited laboratory for current production lots that meet or exceed TESTED CLEAN standards can be verified in two weeks. Otherwise, current lots must be tested and meet TESTED CLEAN standards – a process that takes two to four weeks.