We test for over 200 pesticides to ensure food is safe for your family

Safe food for everyone

We champion the elimination of toxins from food

Our Vision

Our mission is to eliminate harmful pesticides and chemicals from food and to make safe, healthy food available to everyone. By creating transparency through testing, Tested Clean makes it easy for people to shop with confidence and recognize which foods are safe to bring home and which are not.
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United against pesticides

Tested Clean enables brands and consumers to make responsible decisions towards a healthier world. We unite organic growers, brands, and consumers to eliminate toxic pesticides and other agrochemicals from the food system, our bodies and the environment.
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What does the Tested Clean seal mean?

Tested Clean is the most robust pesticide testing program in the United States. The Tested Clean Seal on a product means it has met and continues to met the highest standard available. Shop with confidence knowing The Tested Clean certification is grounded in scientific laboratory testing which verifies that products do not contain harmful chemicals. Safe for you and the planet.
"Tested Clean is one of the most impressive certifications a food or supplement brand can achieve to protect people & the planet. The number of different pesticides used have evaded scrutiny for too long while the science has proven we need a significant reduction to protect ourselves and the planet. The Tested Clean certification assures brands & customers they have much less to worry about when it comes to the foods & supplements they consume. The value is incredible considering the products are tested for over 220 different pesticides."
Steve Rye

Get Verified

Tested Clean ensures products are laboratory tested to ignite consumer confidence in the most robust pesticide testing program in the United States. Carrying the Tested Clean seal on your products empowers your customers to choose pure, safe, and healthier food with ease.

  • Build your position as a market leader
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Enhance consumer confidence & retailer recognition
  • Undergo stringent testing with a simple certification process

How pesticides are harming your health and the environment

Chemical - industrial food

Sickness & disease

Sustainable food

Vibrant health

Healthy Soil
Creates Healthy Food
Creates Healthy People
Creates Healthy Planet

Protect your health

The levels of pesticide contamination allowed by government regulators are much too high to protect consumers’ health. Most people are exposed to pesticide residues through their diets which can negatively impact health.By choosing Tested Clean certified products, you know what you are eating has been tested as safe.
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Protect your environment

Our current chemical agricultural system is degrading soil fast. As a result, the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that we have less than 60 harvests left before planet Earth will no longer be able to feed humanity. Moving away from chemicals is the first step to savings bees and soil.
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